Best of Natick

Best of Natick

We are people that write stuff about Natick. The opinions (and stories) on this website are ours. Overall, we have had great experiences with local Natick businesses and hope that is also the case for you.

You may notice that not many bad things get said here about the businesses in town. There are two reasons for this.

First, the internet is full of fake reviews, the kind that hurt real people trying to make a living. Second, the internet is full of hot takes, the kind that hurt real people trying to make a living.

We encourage you to patronize [Natick businesses](/natick-business-directory/) for yourself. We also encourage you to share your opinions via word-of-mouth with friends and family instead of posting online. Why? Because those are the people most likely to agree with your assessment, and most worth of sharing your feelings with.

Given that we aren't your friends and family, and assuming that you probably won't agree with us, we worry when we say something like, "Agostino's sauce just isn't quite living up to its former legendary status post ownership-change", and you might read, "the place is a dumpster fire, avoid, avoid, avoid."

In reality, what we were saying was, "Still really good, just not hall of fame anymore".

Got it? Cool.

We encourage you to disagree with us. Maybe we *are* too generous in our assessments. What you cannot disagree with is as follows.

These following businesses, nay, Natick institutions, are beyond all contestation. These businesses were the very best of Natick. They are all no longer with us, so we will brook no argument from the likes of you.

In no particular order, other than saving the best for last:

Thanks for visiting. Catch you around town.