Two customers being served in the interior of Casey's Diner, 36 South Avenue in Natick, MA
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Casey's Diner

The one. The only. Talk about a place that's been there forever. If you're reading this, then it was there before your great-grandparents were born.

Canoni Roofing, a Professional Roofing Contractor in Natick, MA
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Canoni Roofing

Canoni Roofing is a Natick roofing contractor with over 20 years of experience. They specialize in new roofing, roofing repair, re-roofing, home improvements, and more.

Natick FAQs

When did Natick become a town?

Natick was the second town to leave Dedham, the "Mother of Towns", as part of the Dedham Grant. It became a town in 1659.

What time does the Natick Mall open and close?

The Natick Mall opens at 11am Sunday through Thursday and at 10am on Friday and Saturday. It closes at 7pm Monday through Thursday, 9pm on Friday and Saturday, and 6pm on Sunday.

What county is Natick in?

Natick is in Middlesex County.

What does Natick mean?

Natick is thought to mean, "Place of Hills", per the Natick Historical Society.

It's also has a different meaning in crossword circles. Apparently a "Natick" is when you have two uncommon nouns that are very hard to solve for. Learn more about the Natick crossword principle.

How far is Natick from Boston?

Geographically, Natick is approximately 15-16 miles from the city of Boston. However, if you were to drive between the two locations, it becomes more like 20-24 miles down the Mass Pike, depending on where you start and stop.

What things are there to do in Natick?

Natick is chock-full of options. You could shop at the Natick Mall. You can swim at Memorial Beach at Dug Pond. You can buy fresh food and local goods at the Farmer's Market. Maybe even have a picnic at the South Natick Dam Park next to the Charles River Falls.

The options are endless. Catch a live performance at The Center for Arts in Natick, get two "all-arounds" at Casey's Diner, or play a round of mini-golf at Village Green.

How much is the train from Natick to Boston?

Both the Natick Center MBTA Station and the West Natick MBTA Station are considered Zone 4. That means that a One-way fare from Natick to Boston will cost you $8.75 on the train. A monthly pass will run $281.00.