Dug Pond in Natick, MA

Dug Pond

Dug Pond is the perfect sized pond for a high school sailing team or a town to collectively play pond hockey, should the pond ever freeze again. There are many interesting facets to Dug Pond, which hopefully we cover for you below. Visiting Dug Pond makes our list of the best things to do in Natick.

FYI for your fishing lovers: the pond is annually stocked with fish.

Memorial Beach

One of Natick's true water access points, Dug Pond's Memorial Beach plays host to both swim lessons and teams, as well as the general public during the summer months.

When does Memorial Beach open in 2022?

Memorial Beach opens on Tuesday, June 21st of 2022.

When does Memorial Beach close in 2022?

Memorial Beach closes for the summer at the end of the day on Sunday, August 14th of 2022.

Natick High School

Natick High School is sited on the Eastern shore of the pond. Pond walkers and parents with strollers are treated to a paved pathway that follows the pond on the school's upper fields and courts. In the old days, direct access could be found to Dug Pond just outside of the tennis courts. There was no shortage of soggy tennis balls to be found there.

St. Patrick's Cemetery

St. Patrick's Cemetery occupies a significant amount of shoreline along the Northern edge of Dug Pond. Local residents find a lot more safety walking through the cemetery when completing laps around the pond as opposed to walking down the heavily trafficked Pond Street that St. Pat's resides on.

Dug Pond Boat Launch

The Boat Launch

Located on Windsor Avenue, the Dug Pond Boat Launch is directly across the street from the William Chase Arena. Many townsfolk have launched a canoe, kayak or paddleboard from the Boat Launch over the years. Further, the overflow Natick High School / Football Field parking lot offers people plenty of room to park after dropping their boat in the water.

The Sandbars

There are a few different sandbars in the pond. One is close to the barriers of Memorial Beach, in-between the lone floating dock and the Boat Launch. The other is at water's edge at the corner of Lakeview and Fairview Avenue.

Looking at the island on Dug Pond

The Island

The Island is a reasonable size to explore if you're young. The steep bank that faces Memorial Beach is also excellent to sled down in the winter, provided that the pond is frozen - something that has become less and less frequent with climate change. Rumors of a rope swing on The Island sweep through the area in the summer months, but we've yet to see one.

Word to the wise, wear shoes on the Island, as you never know when you might step on glass.

The Surrounding Streets

The streets surrounding Dug Pond vary with regard to walking safety. For instance, the sidewalk near The Wall at Dug Pond's closest point to Fiske Pond is exceptionally narrow and bottlenecked. With cars racing down Pond Street, it's best to be as careful as you can. Double your efforts in the icy winter.

As for Campus Drive, West Street and Windsor Avenue, it's always best to remain on the sidewalk. On the flipside, the best part of your walk, other than the walking path of the High School and St. Pat's Cemetery, is your time spent on Lakeview and Fairview Avenues. These quiet streets with their lack of sidewalk leave you feeling like you're strolling down a lane on the Vineyard.

  • Campus Drive
  • Fairview Avenue
  • Lakeview Avenue
  • Pond Street
  • West Street
  • Windsor Avenue
The Wall at Dug Pond. An old ice house that NHS students paint.

The Wall

NHS Students and other townsfolk paint "The Wall" both in celebration and in memorial. Focusing on the positive, you can bet that if a NHS Sports team wins a championship, the message on The Wall will change.

Dug Pond FAQs

Is Dug Pond part of Lake Cochituate?

No, Dug Pond is not part of Lake Cochituate.

Can you swim in Dug Pond?

Yes, you can swim in Dug Pond.

Is Memorial Beach on Dug Pond open?

No, it is not open at this time of year.