Station 5 Grille

17 Watson Street, Natick, MA 01760

If you are into fresh baked muffins, omelettes, and the way things used to be, then Station 5 is for you. Adorned with several photos, diamond plating, and an overall homage to being on the job, the ambiance is not only palpable, but obvious.

As aptly named as the 19th hole in golf (the bar), Natick's "5th" firehouse serves town as the local coffee-fueled watering hole. While it serves some themed plates, like the Firemans Hash Platter and Fire House Special, it is mainly a straightforward breakfast joint. Expect to find veggie omelettes, french toast, flapjacks, and eggs benedict, with all of the standard bacon, home fries, and sausage sides you'd want.


Station 5 is firefighter owned and operated. 20 years ago, it was Franny's (I think?). Before that, who knows. Anyway, you can find it next to Roche Bros. just off of Rt. 135 on Watson Street. Yes, the street in has a name.

It is a cash only establishment, so beware. Even if it didn't have an ATM, there is a Citizens Bank next door attached to Roche's.

Two things I didn't know about the restaurant.

  1. Station 5 will cater an event.
  2. They do lunch. From 11am-2pm, Monday through Friday, you can grab typical lunch diner fare. Club sandwiches, wraps, burgers and fries. Remember that if you are standing at Giovanni's and you're just not in the mood for pizza.

What to order: Meat Lovers Country Skillet Scramble

While I am fairly partial to the Station 5 Breakfast Wrap, the Meat Lovers Country Skillet Scramble makes waking up early on a work day worth it.

"3 eggs, diced ham, bacon, sausage, onions, homefries and cheddar cheese. Served with toast."

Opt for raisin as your toast. Go big or go home.

Final thoughts on

In my humble opinion, the cooks should use blowtorches. The prices are reasonable, if ever so slightly cutting it close. And the servers are top-notch in terms of ... well, top-notchedness.

If you are as hungry as a fireman, or even just in the mood for a cup of joe and two sunny side up, try the Station 5 Grille.

Station 5 Grille Hours

Monday 7am - 1pm
Tuesday 7am - 1pm
Wednesday 7am - 1pm
Thursday 7am - 1pm
Friday 7am - 1pm
Saturday 7am - 1pm
Sunday 7am - 1pm