Giovanni's Famous Pizza, 160 West Central Street, Natick, MA

Giovanni's Famous Pizza

160 West Central Street, Natick, MA 01760

Does Giovanni himself really make the pizza? I wonder these things ever since I realized Ol' Papa Gino does not.

Hot subs, cold subs, calzones, pizza (of course), appetizers, salads, all of the standard fare. I do love a place where you can order a single meatball. Ever try doing that? I can't say much about the sandwiches, as I have never ordered one from the restaurant. But, the pizza is good.

Biggest surprise? They offer a porchetta dinner. What do they think this is, the Natick Elks Lodge around the corner?


In a scene out of rural New England, Giovanni's is built into a residential house. You find this less and less these days. I don't much about the history here, the pizza shop just appeared one day.

Unlike a lot of pizza shops and restaurants that observe the one day off tradition, Giovanni's takes two (Monday and Tuesday). Good for them.

If you're looking for sit down italian, head up Speen toward the mall for Ziti's.

What to order: Pizza

It's famous, right? Giovanni's makes a good pie. In my experience, they don't skimp on veggies, especially green peppers. You can go red sauce or white sauce with your za. You can get pepperoni, or you can get fancy and order the Margarita.

Should you find the need to break from the traditional pizza that Giovanni's serves up, sweet-sauce Liberty's is two minutes down Speen Street. On the surface, it seems like the competition would hurt each other, but the change in the base sauce flavor profile makes it night and day.

Final thoughts on

Should you find yourself leaving Roche Bros. just after 11am with hunger pangs and an urge for takeout, because who likes to cook, jump across the street and give Giovanni's a chance.

Unless you grabbed a foil pan of honey stung drummies. Then stick with those, you already won the day.

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