Best of Natick

Liberty's Pizza

I've honestly forgotten how long Liberty's has been around for until typing this sentence. Gotta be 35+ years.

The old owner was an intriguing cat. You had to remember the number he assigned you when you called or you weren't getting your order.

His voice still haunts me.

About Liberty's Pizza

You can find Liberty's down the street from Roche Brothers, tucked away in a residentially quiet, yet heavily trafficked section of West Natick. There used to be a Liberty's Ice Cream shop next door. That's now Baja Mexican Restaurant. There's a salon, a laundromat, a day care, and a convenience store. Plenty of parking to go around.

What to order: Cheese Pizza

More because of just how different the sauce is. There is italian pizza. There is greek pizza. And there is Liberty's Pizza.

The sweet sauce is very distinct. In some ways, the differentiation is genius. But, you better be in the mood for it, because it's not like most pizza.

You have to try this pizza, if only just once in your life.

Final thoughts on Liberty's Pizza

It has anchored this little block of stores for decades. And as long as it keeps its core customers that love the sweet sauce, it will remain.

Liberty's Pizza
2 D Mill Street
Natick, MA 01760
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