The Pizza Shop at South Natick

50 Eliot Street, Natick, MA 01760

Question: what do Sammy The Bull, Luca Brasi, and Victoria Gotti all have in common?

Answer: They are tasty sandwiches made at the South Natick Pizza Shop.

Why, what were you thinking?


The Pizza Shop at South Natick serves the standard sub shop menu with some added style. A bit more gourmet than George's and Pizza Plus, you can order up specialty subs like the aforementioned Luca Brasi, as well as Gyros in Pizza form, the ... uh, Gyro Pizza.

Unlike some other sub shop's online ordering, the Pizza Shop lets you build your own za on their website. South Natick may be rural, but this is Boston proper technology. Score one point for the Pizza Shop.

Twenty years ago, or so, this was a small market. South Natick could use another one of those.

What to order: The Stetson

The Stetson seems like the type of sandwich Sam Elliott would eat. Beef. Horseradish. Hots. He'd probably rope the cattle himself.

Coming in close second was the Afumigada. Because bacon.

Final thoughts on

The sandwiches and the bbq chicken pizza have been worth returning for. The food is priced reasonably. Open every day but Sunday. And, here are some online coupons if you are ordering for your family.

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