Best of Natick

Nick's Pizza House

They serve pizza!

That's most of what I know. I should give them a try. Kinda feel like I owe it to Nick.

Plus, Nick's Pizza sounds trustworthy. Like, "my buddy Nick runs a pizza shop".

About Nick's Pizza House

Nick's has been a thousand (3-5) different pizza joints in the last couple of decades. I think one of them was Pizza Salonico. Hopefully business is strong for Nick & team.

It's next to Rice Noodle Thai, Honey Dew, and the Natick Casino at the corner of Mill and West Central.

What to order: Something, anything

Try it out and let us know how it is. Maybe the Natick Hills pizza with chicken, broccoli, and garlic? Or maybe a club sandwich. Those are always fun.

Final thoughts on Nick's Pizza House

Their slicelife menu is legit, with club sandwiches, roll-up clubs, sandiwches on a roll, and more. I need to be less territorial and invest $10 on a meal.

Updates to follow.

Nick's Pizza House
179 West Central Street
Natick, MA 01760
Agostino's Italian Restaurant on Washington Street in Natick Center

Agostino's Italian Restaurant

A great place to get served some toasted ravioli and a plate of parmagiana. Agostino's has a good separation of church and state, with a formal dining room below, and a cozy bar above.