The Best Places to Get Pizza in Natick

Natick loves pizza.

For real, our town has a ton of places to get pizza. In fact, there are 18 places where you can order up some za. True story. That makes it quite complicated to pick the best pizza in town. How does one determine the best pizza? Is it purely based on taste? Is it the right combination of size, quality, and price? Is it the ability to get slices, or perhaps, the diversity of the menu?

Let's take a look at the best pizza shops in Natick.

The old school pizza joints

Let's start with all of the pizza places that have 20+ years under their belt. This includes places like Theo's Pizza up by Wilson Middle School. It also includes Liberty's, Corrados, George's, Pizza Plus, and Peddler(as the locals refer to it).

One subset this leaves out is the pizza at the Natick Mall. Sbarro and California Pizza Kitchen also, surprisingly, have 20+ years of residency here in town.

And let's not forget Ziti's, a full-service Italian restaurant.

Experienced pizza shops

It's hard to believe that Comella's is closing in on its first decade in town. And, non-90s, now-mainstays like Lola's, The Pizza Shop at South Natick, Bill's, Nick's and Giovanni's have carved out their space in town. And, let's not forget Little Lola's down by the Falls.

The new pizza players

Even though the storefronts remain the same, pizza shops like Pizza by Rocco, Brooklyn New York Pizza, and Mingalien's Trattoria have recently come on the scene. Plus, Floridian-chain, Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza has graced Natick with its presence.

But who has the best pizza in town?

Having never sampled pizza from a coal fired oven, we can't say for sure. Does Mingalien's produce the same results that its predecessor Natalie's did? If so, then it would probably be them. Or, is it Brooklyn Pizza, because we believe that some of the Natalie's folks ended up there?

The truth is that we need to order from all of the new pizza players to be able to make this call. Updates to follow.